About Us

Alize Jewelry Manufacturing Dış. Tic. A.Ş. began its operations in 2013, and based on its strong and historical experience, caters to domestic and foreign markets.

Our company operates in the fields of;

– Jewelry and gold jewelry manufacturing, export, import

– Consultancy in foreign trade

– Sales and marketing consultancy.

It produces mainly 9-14-18-21 and 22 carat weight fantasy gold and silver jewelry.

We offer contemporary models and designs to our customers with an innovative and creative product range.

As Alize, we have achieved many firsts from the day we began our operations until today.

We continue trade relationships with many strong markets like Italy-France-Iraq-Iran and the domestic market.

We take our strength from growth within human values without being overcome by languor, as well as trade.

Alize has become a preferred brand within the sector with customer satisfaction, and after-sales support after production and sales processes. One of the most important reasons why we are preferred is that our products are rare and new Italian-style models.

Our goals;

– We strengthen our brand by being effective and preferred by the ongoing national and international markets in the sector.

– To provide convenient and reliable access to domestic and foreign consumers.

– We predicate on social, cultural and traditional values.

– To make investments for the future with our employees and solutions partners.

– To be open to criticism.

– Continuously improve ourselves by valuing the thoughts and preferences of our customers.


– Follow change while staying true to the values of our brand; produce superior quality products with a sense of trust among innovative society, and undertake national and international projects preferred with easy by the consumers

– Cater to customer and consumer demands with supply that appeals to the tastes of people.

– Continue in the sector as an innovative, smart, rational and responsible and valued corporate company.


– Although we are a young company, we continue to be preferred by consumers with our design modeling by depicting traditional preferences and production power.

– We make sure that consumers prefer us by providing products preferred and demanded by consumers with the best prices, product quality, and confidence.

– We keep pushing the envelope while promoting our country and company in the domestic market.

– We keep our ties strong with our solution partners with a win-win mentality.